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"pg电子app下载 was a great place to start my journey in higher education, because it was such a close-knit community of  people  I was already familiar with from the tribe."

Christina Coffman (Isanti) - pg电子app下载 Early Childhood Education Alumni


"This is the start of my journey. This is where I want to leave my imprint for the younger generation. This is where it all begins."

阿什利·黑鸟 - Business Administration major


“[pg电子app下载] is a family-oriented environment. I also get to learn my [Isanti] culture and [Dakota] language. That is something I can’t learn at any non-tribal college... I love the staff and the teachers. pg电子app下载 has given me my foundation to build upon.”

Donna Pike (Isanti) - Human Services/Counseling major


pg电子app下载 is focused on preserving and revitalizing the cultures of the Omaha and Santee people and providing access to a quality higher education.

4 位置 of pg电子app下载:
Macy, Santee, South Sioux City, Nebraska and Pawnee Nation College, Oklahoma.
5:1 Student to 教师 Ratio
1973 pg电子app下载 was established in 1973
2017 AIHEC Bow Competition


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