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1:1 Technology


The new Lenovo Laptops have Windows 10 Pro. These laptops 没有互联网可以建立吗. 如果你家里的网速较慢,你 may want to consider downloading your Office 365 package on campus.

Talk to your Student Service Representative for more details:  

Macy- Crystal 402-241-5905, Janelle 402-241-5909, Chrissy 402-267-2904; Santee- Dana 402-241-5929, Chastity 402-241-5920; Online- Yasmeen- 402-241-5947;SSC - Raquel - 531-242-4152; 




pg电子app下载 can help connect students to internet access for those who live within service area of internet towers near both Macy and Santee, as well as surrounding areas of 奥马哈和桑蒂保留地.  

Talk to your Student Service Representative for more details:  

Macy- Rex 402-241-5976, Crystal 402-241-5905, Janelle 402-241-5909; Santee- Dana 402-241-5929, Chastity 402-241-5920;  

Office 365 Pro Plus供教师和学生使用


内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 is providing Microsoft Office to every student free of charge. This means the latest version of the full Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more available for offline and online use to 最好为上课做好准备. As long as you’re a student here and the program continues, 你可以免费使用这个软件.
  • Install on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus tablets (including iPad!)
  • 使用OneDrive自动设备文件同步
  • Gain valuable skills on the world’s most popular productivity software
  • Use the same programs as your professors to ensure full file compatibility


For PC and Mac:

  1. Visit
  2. Click through to sign in with school-provided credentials & download
  3. On the installation page select your language and click install



您将需要您的电子邮件地址,例如: (student e-mail begin with your location - Mac for Macy, San for Santee and SSC for 南苏城)签到. 如果您在安装Office时遇到问题,本指南可以帮助您 resolve your issue:

Office 365 FAQs


pg电子app下载 Classes  


Canvas by Instructure 



Canvas是pg电子app下载的在线学习系统. 在这里你可以查阅课堂资料,提交 作业,使用成绩单,查看在线教学大纲 AND MORE 从任何移动设备. Check out the pg电子app下载学生定位 page to meet your pg电子app下载 family and learn about more resources we have on all three campuses 


  1. Download the app most appropriate for your device (see above).  

  1. Select 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 as your institution.  

  1. 使用您的pg电子app下载电子邮件和您选择的密码登录. 

pg电子app下载 Communication  

Microsoft Teams


Teams App

Microsoft Teams is the primary virtual class meeting platform that pg电子app下载 uses. This virtual meeting location is tied to your pg电子app下载 Office 365 Account and is easy 通过您的电子邮件访问. 你可以虚拟地见面,聊天,上课 recordings (if applicable) and join classes on this platform. 你可以通过 the browser, download to computer (if not already there), or download via your device’s app store.

如何下载Microsoft Teams (链接到外部网站.)

Zoom (取决于教练) 



Zoom is an alternate method for screen-to-screen communication. Zoom will not need 除非导师指定,否则不得下载. You can talk face-to-face with a video call, share your screen, use chat, and more.  


For more info. Check out Zoom’s website  

Email (app)

Outlook 2016



iCloud Mail  

Your mobile device may already have a default email app that y您可以在您的pg电子app下载电子邮件中使用, 或者你可以使用Outlook 2016应用程序. 这款应用也可以在移动设备上使用 比如在员工的电脑上.  

设置您可能需要添加您的 pg电子app下载 e-mail: 

  • 类型:Exchange Server 

  • Jane Doe,学生号123456,来自Santee Campus
  • E-mail address: 

  • Default Password First 3 letters of your first name capitalized and your student ID.  JAN123456
  • *Note* Student email address will begin with the campus code (e.g., san for Santee, ssc 南苏城和 mac for Macy).  

  • Username:  sanjdoeDomain:  thenicc服务器地址:mail.tancho.net使用安全连接:SSL 

Saving Your Documents  



_ One Drive _ aggiororento all version 3.每6个Windows Phone 8 ...MS의클라우드서비스_ OneDrive _드라이브의좋은점 ...  

OneDrive is a file hosting service that allows users to sync files and later access 他们从网页浏览器或移动设备. 在OneDrive中,用户可以上传,创建, edit and share files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. In addition, Office Online tools allow multiple users to simultaneously collaborate.  


  • 使用工作或学校账户 

  • Username: 

  • 密码:与您的电子邮件密码相同. 

Google Drive



Similar to OneDrive, Google Drive是一个保存的地方 all of your files and access them from multiple devices using your Gmail login information. Within Google Drive you can use several tools: Google Docs (similar to Word)、Google表格(similar to Excel)、Google幻灯片(similar to PowerPoint), etc. 你也可以通过网络与他人合作. An added feature 是否可以离线工作. 一旦你重新连接,你的文件就会同步/更新 to wi-fi. 


*Note* You will need to create a Gmail username and password if you don’t have one already. 

Study and Organize 


(embedded in Canvas) 


TutorMe在所有pg电子app下载画布课程中全天候可用. 一年365天,你都可以登录 与导师面对面交流,帮助你学习. 你也可以提交你的 论文到写作中心嵌入导师我. 导师可以在任何时间 早上7点,下午5点,凌晨3点,甚至更多. You can also return to the same tutors if you have tutors 你更喜欢和. 


In each pg电子app下载 Canvas Course’s menu bar, you can find the TutorMe connection, which will log you in and allow you to begin tutoring or submit via the writing help desk.  


Tiny Scanner OR Cam Scanner 


Cover art  

Both Tiny Scanner and Cam Scanner 将您的移动设备转换为便携式文档 scanner 你可以把所有东西扫描成图像或pdf文件. These PDF文档扫描应用程序s are accessible on a variety of mobile devices (phone and tablet). 


*Tiny Scanner may allow you to scan several pages and still save it as one cohesive PDF document. 




NaturalReader 是一个网站,可以让你把你的pdf文件变成奥迪o. NaturalReader reads the text to the user, and it also features fonts accessible to dyslexic users. Can be downloaded from the website, the Apple Store, as well as connected via Chrome 以及其他接口. Free version is available on the web, and an updated version is available on your device’s app store.  

Learn more here: NaturalReader的网站 

Mendeley OR Zotero  

(web and/or app) 



门德利和佐特罗都是 dedicated to helping make 研究和写作更容易. These sites help with citations and references and can also help you organize all your research articles into one place.  





Scribbr APA引文生成器

Accurate APA citations, verified by experts, trusted by millions.


Prezi/Prezi Viewer



Prezi很适合做 presentations 更具视觉吸引力. 它比传统的幻灯片/权力更具互动性 并且是非常用户友好的. You can chose between a wide variety of styles and layouts and allows you to see presentations 作为一个概念图或更大的图片.  










Soundcloud is a platform that allows for users to upload audio for free. This application 用于音乐,播客, 甚至是课堂录音. SoundCloud is especially helpful for its wide accessibility 收听和上传新内容.  


Learn more at:  




NebraskAccess 是一个对所有内布拉斯加州人免费的在线数据库. A driver’s license 或者学校代码可以让你进行个性化搜索 by category. You can access journal articles, magazines, books, and even find books available for inter-library loan. 


和你的图书管理员谈谈 更多信息,以及检查 NebraskAccess at: 


Google Scholar


Google Scholar帮助学生连接到在线资源. 谷歌学术搜索可以提供帮助 students find journal articles, books, or other online periodicals. It can also help with citations  




Google Books


Google Books helps connect students to books through PDFs, online copies, or physical copies for sale. 谷歌图书也有助于引文l as giving students previews of books before checking them out or purchasing.  



Survey Monkey



Survey Monkey是一个很棒的工具 gauge opinions of your students, coworkers, or community members. You can 组织会议偏好 times and locations, voting items, and even to engage students in the classroom. 它也可以是一个伟大的 tool to explain surveys and research for educational purposes. Users cre吃他们自己的调查和 设计它以满足他们的特定需求.  


更多信息请访问 调查猴子网站. 




Design flyers, social media posts, resumes, and so much more. Canva uses fresh, modern templates that are already created and lets you update the color, photos, text, etc. The finished design can be downloaded as a PDF, JPEG, and other formats. You 也可以与 其他人共同创造设计.  


Check out more at Canva's Website. 




Scheduling meetings made easy- Doodle Poll allows you to create a poll with multiple dates/times to arrange meetings with individuals and groups.  


Find out more here: Doodle's Website 


如果你有兴趣探索的话 列表之外的工具, please check out 这是泰晤士高等教育的汇编. It features a list 其他学术界人士用来取得成功的A-Z工具: