The 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 has an open admissions policy. 任何申请人 who is able to benefit from instruction, and has earned a high school diploma or 格 凭证书可申请入学. 所有申请人都必须满足所有要求 as outlined in the "入学程序" section of this catalog Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 2002, Section 507 of Public Law 107-56; as amended April 12, 2002, students have certain rights to privacy and protection of information. Students have the right to inspect their records upon written request, and the right to give or withhold their written consent to the release of their educational records 在某些情况下. 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院不歧视 on the basis of race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or any other 无关的问题. 此外,学院不会拒绝访问其他 qualified applicant or student because of that applicant's or student's mental or 生理缺陷. As a Tribally-chartered Indian-controlled institution, the College, in the conduct of its employment program and some categorical grant programs, does reserve the right to exercise Indian preference to otherwise qualified applicants pursuant to Public Law 93-638, the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance 以及1968年的印第安民权法案.


Persons 16 years of age or older wishing to be admitted to the pg电子 Community 学院必须完成以下内容:

●提交高中或格成绩单的正式副本. (*注*如果申请人 has already earned a college degree, they can submit a transcript of their highest 代替高中或格成绩单获得的学位.)
●提交部落I的副本.D.,或父母的身份证及受抚养人的出生证明副本 状态(如适用).
●完成FAFSA 之前 登记.
● 的 above admission procedures pertain to all student admissions.
All admission applications and forms are available at all sites, or you can begin 该流程通过点击在线 在这里. 免费申请联邦学生资助可在以下网址获得 FAFSA.

Students who have earned college credits at another accredited institution may transfer 他们的功劳归于pg电子app下载. 正式成绩单必须由以前参加过的人邮寄 为机构准确评估转学学分. 记录了 directly by the student or faxed are not official and will not be used for the evaluation 转让学分. 课程转入内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 must be at the "C" level or above and within 10 years or applied to a degree. 转移 credits older than 10 years will 只有 be accepted under a case by case special approval 教务长和/或系主任. 我们将考虑航向 不影响学生学习的工作. 学生将获通知 评估完成后的学术地位. 可接受的课程 for transfer are not given a letter grade and are not calculated in the cumulative 平均绩点. pg电子app下载是内布拉斯加州社区学院TES(转学)的一部分 评价体系).

All new incoming freshman and transfer students (depending upon transfer 课程) will be assessed based on a comprehensive placement program using multiple measures. 这些可能包括以下内容:
-分班测试(e.g., Accuplacer Next Generation测试)
- NURO非认知评估(e.g., ETS SuccessNavigator)

When a period of one year has elapsed during which a student is not enrolled 在pg电子app下载, the student must be re-admitted to pg电子app下载 through the data management system. 然而, if the student carries an outstanding bill with the college, a student must work out 在重新入学前与商务办公室签订付款计划.

Students who plan to apply for veteran’s educational benefits must apply to the VA for benefits and give a copy of their Certification of Eligibility (COE) to the registrar. It is the responsibility of the student veteran to inform 学生服务 staff of 他们在注册前的状态. 退伍军人福利将由书记官长审查 和财政援助主任. 注册主任将报告老学生的成绩 注册到St. 路易斯退伍军人办公室.

Currently enrolled high school students may apply for special admission for dual-credit 课程. In other words, students can earn college credit AND meet high school graduation 需求. 的se dually enrolled students may enroll in no more than 6 college level credits per term, before completion of High School 需求. 学生需要 提供以下文件:
● A complete pg电子app下载 admission package is filed with the Registrar Office
● A dual credit form with required signatures filed with the Registrar Office
● Completion of placement testing meeting minimum 需求 or ACT scores

高中生没有资格获得联邦财政援助. 因为 all pg电子app下载 sponsored dual credit systems are housed in high schools that do not have BIE funding, pg电子app下载 will count dually enrolled high school students in our Form 22 for ISC年度报告.

审计的学生 desiring to attend a course without taking examinations or receiving credit for the 课程可按审核分类注册. 学生旁听课程 与修学分课程的学费和费用相同. 经审核的课程 注册时是否标有“审核”. 已注册旁听的学生 课程 may not change to college credit after the last day of add/drop. 审计是 每学年只限两门课程. 经审核的课程不能用于确定 semester course load for 金融援助 purposes or veteran’s benefits. 审计的课程 do not affect a student’s cumulative 平均绩点 and are ineligible for Federal 金融援助.

浓缩的学生 who are taking classes for other purposes, such as to transfer to another educational program or for their own learning will receive grades and complete work associated 在注册课程中. 课程作业将不符合第四章资助的资格 在pg电子app下载. Students enrolled at two colleges should advise the registrars and financial 两个机构的援助办事处.
学生能够从提供的教育或培训中受益(i.e. 护士助理或特别助理 certificate programs) that have not completed the admissions requirement of High School or general education diploma (格) may take coursework directly related to the certificate 只有. 这些学生将没有资格获得第四章资助.

Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act and Campus 消防安全知情权法案通知

Pursuant to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the current 年度保安报告 (ASR) is available for viewing: http://poftzf.tancho.net/about/campus-security-report.php

年度保安报告 contains the current security and safety-related policy statements, emergency preparedness 以及疏散信息和预防犯罪计划.  攻击预防 信息,以及毒品和酒精预防方案.  ASR还包含统计信息 of Clery行为 crimes for 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 for the last three (3) calendar years.  Paper copies are available upon request from the 金融援助 Advisor.